Saturday, March 14, 2009

Web Comic Review: Today Nothing Happened

Slice of life comics often descend into meloncholy desperation where the artist laments that no one understands their genius as they moan and complain about their lives that are usually not that bad. This is especially true if the person grew up in the suburbs, is in college, went to college, and/or is currently in their 20s or 30s having some sort of delusional quarter-life crisis caused by their own lack of ambition.

Happily, Today Nothing Happened is not one of those gawd-awful things. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this slice of life comic, created by SCAD senior and sequential arts major Shazzbaa, updates THREE TIMES a week and is chock full of comic book, D&D, school, and crazy silly madness that nearly every undergrad experiences. You can relive your college days without ever leaving your laptop.

In addition to the comic, you can also see Shazzbaa's personal art and her projects for school - all of which are fabulous and worth checking out.


Andrew Murray said...

hey angela,

just browsing your blog, neat-o stuff. i noticed your life drawings, very cool. if you want to get a wicked edge on your drawings you should check out FORCE.
If you already haven't, that is.


Angela Entzminger said...

Hey man,

thanks for checking out my blog and for the link.