Angela Entzminger was born in the dusty desert of Bakersfield, CA and spent her formative years in Houston, TX. She spent her time drawing cartoons and comics and writing science fiction stories. After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Communication Studies she moved to New York City to MAKE IT by becoming a high powered editor like you see in those fantastic chick lit novels. No one however actually lives in a fabulous brownstone like Carrie Bradshaw on an editor's budget - nor can one actually afford or walk all day in NYC in heels that high. Undeterred, she continued to immersed herself in the world of animation by joining ASIFA-EAST and Women in Animation. Epiphany struck when she realized that this was her true calling and she high-tailed it to California to attend Academy of Art University. She currently is majoring in 2D Animation and plans on  pitching an animated television show after graduation.

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