Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Animation Show!

Fans of animation cheered Friday night as the Animation Show returned to New York City.
Held at Roseland Ballroom, the event featured special guest and 2 time Oscar Award nominee Bill Plympton. Bill gave a sneak peak pencil test of his latest feature, "Idiots and Angels" which will debut in 2008.
Following a round of trivia and a brief documentary chronicling the creation of the Animation Show (which prior to Mike Judge's involvement, featured cartoons solely created by Bill and his partner in crime Don Hertzfeldt) the show began with a hilarious opening remarks segment by that genius of witt Butt-Head, of "Beavis & Butt-Head" fame, followed by several excellent shorts. On the lineup this year:

Rabbit, directed by Run Wrake

Dick and Jane for grown-ups in this hilarious dark comedy about two children who find an idol within a rabbit, and how their greed results in deadly results.

City Paradise - Ottawa winner directed by Gaelle Denis

A young woman from Tokyo moves to London and experiences a heady tripp in her local neighborhood pool.

Everything Will Be Okay - directed by Ron Hertzfeldt

A man slowly loses his mind and all sense of reality in this hilarious take on everyday activities.

Collision - directed by Max Hattler

What war would look like if done using Lite Brite and Magna Doodle.

Nine - directed by Shane Acker

A sci-fi masterpiece that is rumored to be turned into a feature film by Tim Burton.

No Room for Gerold - directed by Daniel Nocke

Four animal roommates decide who will go and who will stay in this reality TV-like short film from France.

Guide Dog - directed by Bill Plymption

Everyone's favorite hapless mutt returns - this time trying out his new gig as a guide for the blind.

Eaux Forte - directed by Remi Chaye

A man's world is turned upside down when a flood ravages his city.

Overtime - directed oury Atlan

A poignant homage to Jim Henson as hundreds of Kermit-like puppets deal with their creator's death.

Game Over - directed by PES

Atari classics are remade in this fabulous short.

Dreams and Desires - directed by Joanna Quinn

Ms. Quinn shows that her talent extends far beyond "Charmin" ads in this hilarious short about a women who dreams of becoming a filmmaker, and uses her sister's wedding to experiment with her art.

Every film on the line-up entertained the audience, who laughed and hollered during the entire proceedings. After the film, Vic the MC presented trivia questions for prizes, including a boxed DVD set of the Animation Show Vols. 1 -2. DVDs, posters and t-shirts are available online at

And as always, they except submissions year around, so for all of you filmmakers out there, send your shorts to:

11684 Ventura Blvd. #778
Studio City, CA 91604

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Animation Show Returns!

Mike Judge and Don Hertzfeldt Present - The Animation Show 3

The Animation Show - a place of wonder and magic where awesome shorts converge for two nights of spectacular adventure, romance, wonder and horror!

This year, you have TWO, that's right, TWO nights to see this fabulous program:

Choose either:

Thursday January 25th at 8 PM


Friday January 26th at 6:30 AND 9 PM

Tickets are ONLY $12.50 and can be purchased online at
Or give them a ring at (202) 317-7171

And Bill Plympton, he of "Guide Dog", "Guard Dog" and "Mutant Aliens" will be in attendance for BOTH nights.

Roseland Ballroom
239 W 52nd St.
(bet. 8th Ave. & Broadway)


Nickelodeon Writing Fellowship

Call for Entries: The Nickelodeon Writing Fellowship

Nickelodeon is offering writing fellowships in live action and animated television to culturally and ethnically diverse, new writers. Participants will have hands-on experience writing spec scripts and pitching story ideas.

The program, developed to broaden Nickelodeon's outreach efforts, provides a salaried position for up to one year. The '07 - '08 cycle is tentatively scheduled to begin in October 2007.

The next submission period runs from January 2 - February 28, 2007. Applications and submission guidelines are available on our website at

And by the way...


Animation Show at KODAK

It promised to be fun! Exciting! See great works by Signe Baumane, Bill Plympton and many more!
Except it was overbooked and I had to work late. Grr...
But fear not, for there are talks of a second Kodak Showing in the near future.
What, you say? You don't know about Kodak? Well, stick around dear reader, for all will be revealed soon, very soon...