Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Pixar: A Retrospective

The Museum of Modern Art will showcase Pixar Animation Studios' work in celebration of their 20th anniversary now through February 6, 2006. For more info check out the link:


ASIFA-EAST will be showing a number of interesting animated films at the School of Visual Arts in the next few weeks. Check out their site to see what's happening:

Animation Screening at Kodak

I had the great pleasure of attending an independent animation screening on Tuesday night. The line-up included:

Bill Plympton "The Fan and the Flower"

Pat Smith "Delivery"

Nina Paley "Pandorama"

Jesse Schmall "Sub!"

George Griffin "KoKo"

Signe Baumane "Woman"

Debra Solomon "Everybody's Pregnant"

Frank and Caroline Mouris "Frankly Caroline"

John Dilworth "Life In Transition"

Aaron Augenblick "Rambling Man"

All of the animators (excluding Solomon, Dilworth and Augenblick, who had previous engagements) were on hand to answer questions and mingle, which was quite nice.
If you ever get a chance, watch these short films. They are quite engaging.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


Found out this evening that my all-time fave non-anime Cartoon Network show, Teen Titans,
may be getting the ax.

Fortunately, via the power of the internet, has provided the address where
distressed fans like you and I can try to resurrect the show:

Cartoon Network Official Mailing Address:

SAVE TEEN TITANS! [Big and Bold]
Cartoon Network
1050 Techwood Drive
Atlanta, GA 30318

Titans, Go!

Blast from the past

I am listening to a podcast of Toonzone, and as they were talking about cartoons that have come to DVD, one that I haven't seen in eons came to my mind:

The Pirates of Dark Water.

For those who may remember, this was about (I believe, dusting out the old brain cells here)
a prince who was searching for some magical something-or-other in order to prevent the mysterious dark water from swallowing up his world.

Besides myself, I have never met another person who watched this show.
It was an interesting concept- dark, intriguing, non-cartoony for a cartoon, and as I recall, never made it passed season one.

Rest in peace my pirate friends...


I first became acquainted with this creature as a child while watching "The X-Men. "
The X-Men were off doing something, when all of a sudden, this woman with flaming red hair shows up and becomes this HUGE mythical bird of fire.

My thoughts went something like this:
"It's a girl! And she's the most powerful being in the universe! WOW!"

Having never seen a superheroine before that was even REMOTELY this awesome, I was immediately impressed.

Needless to say I've been a fan of the Phoenix, X-Men and comics ever since.

Me? A blogger? Nah...

Yeah so I always thought I would NEVER have a blog.
I used to think it was no more than lame navel-gazing.

The times they are a changin'.

Actually, this is a grand experiment.
If it works- great! If not, well, pretty obvious then that this poor blog will
end up in the wasteland of unwanted webpages.
You know the ones- websites that haven't been updated since 1996.

I am convinced that webpages never die, they just end up in limbo, pushed to the back of the world wide web like those leftovers you forgot about last month, then suddenly rediscovered (this used to be spagetti?!)