Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Ever since my Grandad gave me a book on insects I've loved bugs. Which is a good thing because in Texas they grow them BIG. Here are some sketches I made of some of my all time favorite creepy crawlies.

Summer Movie Mayhem

Unless you've been living under a rock under the ocean deep in a crater, you've by now heard that Iron Man is SUPREMELY AWESOME IN EVERY WAY. I saw the film on opening day and I must say - WOW. I never read the comic, in fact, had never heard of it until my best friend bought me "The Marvel Encyclopedia" (thanks Annie!) And honestly, it sounded like a lame Batman rip-off: rich dude with a mega corporation becomes super hero. Yawn.

But my friends, it is SO MUCH more. Not only are the special effects excellent, but seriously, Robert Downey, Jr. IS Tony Stark. The man practically lived the character's life in real time. Not to mention the best part of the whole movie: the script. Screenwriters rejoice, you can create a major blockbuster tent pole movie with heart and soul.

And speaking of soul, saw The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian on Sunday. GO SEE THIS MOVIE. If you are a fan of action/adventure/fantasy/Christian symbolism/family entertainment/hot guys named Caspian this is the film for you my friend.

Few sequels live up to the hype and this one was definitely worth the $5.50 matinee price. Once again, I commend the script -- the children especially show a great range of depth and emotion.

Will they follow Aslan or will they fight their battles themselves? Will they save Narnia or die trying? Will Susan insist on playing the role of Ice Queen to Prince Caspian? You have to see it to find out!

Next up: Kung Fu Panda. Yes! Jack Black can do no wrong.

The Return of the Blogger

Well it's been a relaxing hiatus from the blogosphere, but I'm glad to be back.
Been working on several projects concurrently as of late (and also getting paid for a few of them, which is always a BIG PLUS in my book). The Super Cool Future Project is underway. Also, I've been revamping "Xia" which is great because I received this from the Disney Fellowship this afternoon:

Please continue to check our website. The new application the writing program and deadline will go up in 2 weeks. The application deadline is July 31, and the program is slated to start Feb 2009.

Good to hear that this one didn't fall off the face of the map. For those who don't know, this is a PAID fellowship in LA that allows you to work with those in the industry so that you can hone your writing chops. They accept both screenplays and spec scripts. And as you have TWO WHOLE MONTHS to get something together, what excuse do you have? Honestly? Go write something!

Also been catching up on everyone else's blogs as of late. John August wrote an excellent piece of writing specs for animation, Rogers actually shows what it's like to be in the writing room, and Amanda is fun and witty as always.

And if you're more into comics, check out Buffalog, as Cleopatra in Spaaace! may be ending soon, and Earthsong, which Ms. Lady Yates has returned to after her fun vacay in Egypt.

Whew, time to go back to the drawing board. Literally. TTFN.