Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Great news for Teenage Robot Fans

In my ongoing quest to find entertaining animation news, I found a blog devoted to
"My Life as a Teenage Robot," created by Rob Renzetti (who also worked on another fave of mine, "Samurai Jack"). This is no ordinary fan blog, as it was created by the masterminds of the show, and contains great photos, art and info.

Read all about it here:


"Alex Pariah" Page 3

Alex Pariah Returns

Hey folks,

the mystery that is Alex Pariah returns this week, after a week hiatus due to my being sick.
Feeling well now and back on track.


Friday, August 18, 2006

Editor's Note

Hey folks,

in my continuing quest to improve the site, I figured out how to make the comic slightly larger so that it is easier to read. Click on the page and you can get a close up shot of the panels.

Page 3 coming Tuesday! Thanks to everyone who signed up for the mailing list!


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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Coming August 15th

© 2006 Angela Entzminger

The New Crew

After losing Fennec, Audi needed a new
accomplice in her crew of snobs. Enter Shawna - a girl on the periphery of the group since middle school.
She and Audi get along well enough, and Shawna's goal is to become the popular girl she's never been.
Trouble is, she has a crush on Audi's nemesis...

© 2006 Angela Entzminger

Character Designs

The supporting cast

Presenting the friends and enemies of Alex and his crew, we bring you:

Audi - a smart girl with a big mouth. Audi is tied for most academically gifted with Tabby. Her bad attitude is legendary, as is her desire to be the best at all costs.

Penny - a spoiled brat and Audi's right hand girl. They've been friends since 7th grade. Penny knows everything about everyone and uses her gossiping skills to her advantage. Fortunately, she cares more about shopping than destroying (most) of her classmates' reps.

Fennec - once a member of Audi's posse of snobby girls, this young fox discovered a greater calling: soccer. A member of the JV squad, she dreams of becoming a goalie for the Varsity team. She used to be Audi's best friend until a major blow-up caused her to cut ties with the annoying goose.

© 2006 Angela Entzminger