Friday, July 20, 2007

And my personal favorite...


© 2007 Angela Entzminger

Sketch of the Day

Here are sketches from last night's ASIFA drawing class.

©2007 Angela Entzminger

Monday, July 16, 2007


Been so busy working on other things I forgot to put this up. So back in May my friend Mesha invited me to participate in this contest from the makers of NaNowrimo called
Script Frenzy. The goal was to write 20,000 words of an original screenplay in one month, June 1 through June 30th. You cut and paste your screenplay into the site (first scrambling it so that it looks like a bunch of magical A's) then the site calcuatles your word total and you get this nifty banner. Since I wrote 21,656 words - I'm a winner! And the best part of all - I now have a second feature length script "Darkness Rising" the story of a down-on-her-luck monster hunter who must save NYC from a 10,000 year old beast. Exciting stuff. You'll see it on TriggerStreet in a few months, but for now, enjoy the beauty that is the snazzy banner.

Got inspired

by Jim "The Man" Henson, so here are some monster character designs of my own I've been working on.

© 2007 Angela Entzminger

Jim Henson Rocks

So I came home today and was pleasantly surprised to find a check from the State of New York. So apparently I overpaid and they were kind enough to rectify the situation. Yay money!

And speaking of money, went to Barnes & noble at lunch and found a copy of Jim Henson's Designs and Doodles on the bargain shelf for a whopping $4.98. It's quit exciting - filled with pen and pencil drawings of proto-Kermit, Rowlf, Big Bird and hundreds of other oddities, not to mention facts about his life, childhood and ideas to shape the future. I can't believe this was on the bargain shelf. It's Jim Henson! For only FIVE BUCKS!

With all the money I saved today, I'm putting it towards my Buy New Computer 'Cause This One's About to Up and DIE Fund. A most worthy cause indeed.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Princess Sally

Even though Sonic ain't the cool dude I remember, the character designs are still pretty sweet.
Here's a few of my drawings of Princess Sally.

More than meets the eye

Speaking of "Transformers", saw the movie, and first gut reaction -

"Wow, this totally doesn't suck."

Followed by -

"Starscream is freakin' awesome! YEAAHHHH!"

So Michael Bay did not butcher my childhood. Whew. Good to know there is at least one 80s icon that Hollywood cannibalized but in a good way. I now entrust them with all sequels. And there WILL be sequels - you can see the word FRANCHISE fly across the screen. Along with product placements for Hasbro, Burger King, XM Satellite, GMC...

Yes, Transformers is a thin veil for toys and mass consumerism, but it was OUR mass consumerism dang it. And I loved every minute of it. I mean come on, it's robots that can turn into tanks. And cars. And jeeps. And dinosaurs! Robot dinosaurs! Best. Idea. EVER. If they put this in the sequel, man that will be sweet.

But the thing itself is nearly overshadowed by the crazed fans OF the things. OMG people are nuts. Type in "Transformers" into Google or wikipedia, and you will find pages, of pages, of, I kid you not, TRIBUTES to the characters. Really indepth tributes. Scary in their knowledge.

Exhibit A - the Soundwave Tribute Page.

Now I love Soundwave as much as the next child of the 80s, but I ain't writing a tome on the boy. I mean, this person knows about Soundwave's MOM. Did you know he had a mom? Neither did I! Good grief these folks are nuts!

Exhibit B - The Allspark. On eBay. eBay! You too can have a piece of Cybertron history for only --wait for it--$40K!

Yeah the money goes to charity, but who the heck buys this stuff? (Actually my question is really, - how big is it? Judging by the $14.95 shipping price, it's like, Rubix Cube size!
Human size would be kind of cool. Rubix size is just kinda lame.

Exhibit C - Cracked's "7 Most Useless Transformers Ever."

Unlike the last two exhibits, this one is funny Ha-ha, not funny sad. And funny it is. (Sorry Perceptor, but you really are useless. Nifty, but useless.)

Makes me wonder, who are these people? And how did they amass such pointless knowledge? And will they be part of my fan base when "Xia" comes out? I sincerely hope so. Because seeming people in jogtha suits would be awesome.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Ah Saturday morning cartoons.
Who doesn't love them? Especially memories of shows from bygone years.
Nostalgia is a magical place memories of childhood exist forever encased in the cocoon of perpetual coolness.

But nostalgia is a cruel, conniving mistress.
Case in point - "Sonic the Hedgehog." Many permutations of the blue hog with super speed have come and gone, but the best was by far the version dubbed SatAM (for Saturday morning). I often wondered what happened to the show that I got up at 6:30 in the morning to see every freakin' week.

Then bam! I find it in the DVD section of Target. The COMPLETE 26 episode series! Seasons 1 & 2! Visions of Saturday mornings and Lucky Charms flash before my eyes!

But oh man, is this show bad! To my horror I watched as one of the most exciting shows ever slowly reduced itself to a steaming pile of poo. I remember it being AWESOME. I remember the story lines being sublime! I don't remember the story lines sucking, or the animation being choppy and often inconsistent, (look, Snively has a headset! Look, it's gone. Look, it's mysteriously back!) Just bad bad bad.

Yet I continued watching, hoping that it would improve. And while Season 2 definitely ups the ante in production values, the show is no "Animaniacs" which is indeed as fabulous as I remember.

Sad awhile.

Makes me wonder what "Transformers" will be like.