Friday, May 12, 2006

Summer Flicks

Summer is coming and that means the box office blockbusters get their chance to shine.
And that means that one of my favorite franchises, X3, will be making it's way to a cineplex near you.

The X-Men is one of my favorite comics of all time, and seeing it on the big screen in all it's mutant glory is a real treat for yours truly. Even without wunderkind Bryan Singer leading the helm, the film is sure to be a smash, especially knowing that my heroine, my namesake, Phoenix, will be reappearing in this third and final installment. This is the woman that got me interested in comics and X-Men to begin with, and led the way to me seeking strong female characters in movies, t.v. and animation. Judging by the previews, it looks like they have done her justice.

So grab a popcorn, a Diet Coke and your best buddy and enjoy the show.
It's sure to be a wild ride.

Women in Animation

Women in Animation will be hosting a meeting Wednesday May 31, 2006 at
Little Airplane Productions.

To RSVP, check out their website at and click on New York.

Cartoon Showcase at Film Forum

For two weeks only Film Forum is hosting an animation program by some pretty innovative folks here in NYC. The show runs from May 10th through 23rd and tix are available online.

For more info go to or call 212-727-8110

Disney Fellowship

Hello all you aspiring Animation writers!

The Walt Disney Company is currently hosting its 7th annual Fellowship Program for budding new screenwriters. This is the perfect opportunity for all of you dying to showcase your talent to learn something new, makes connections, and lo and behold, get PAID. (Quite well I might add!)

Check out the link at

All entries must be postmarked by June 23rd.
That gives you slackers more than a month to get something in.

Why are you still reading this? Go out and write!