Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Well here it is, the last image of 2006.
It's Alex of course. I have mastered the art of creating clean images in Photoshop (insert applause here).

Next year promises even great things, with more screenings, more images, and more contests.

Happy Holidays!

© 2006 Angela Entzminger

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Great Results

Here are two drawings, one of Jeanine, the other of Tabby, that I did after practicing Preston's techniques. I like how the drawings are more expressive and looser than my earlier work.

© 2006 Angela Entzminger

Preston Blair Practice Drawings

The Art of Preston Blair

An excellent book that I highly recommend, Cartoon Animation by Preston Blair is a MUST for any aspiring animator, yours truly included.
I am currently on page 112 and I can tell that my drawing skills have improved as a result of following Mr. Blair's examples.

Here are a few exercises I've been working on . Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I love manga style and am teaching myself how to be a better manga artist, in addition to being a better all around animator and illustrator.
My goal is to fuse my love for American and Japanese style together to create a new hybrid of art.

These are sketches of some of my favorite characters from Yukiru Sugisaki's

I'm baaacckkk....

Yes dear readers after months of agony of not having a computer that worked, then borrowing the roommate's computer, then moving, then having to deal with Time Warner (spawn of Hades- baw!) I have returned triumphant and ready to once again continue the blog that you so know and love.

What to expect in the future?

Well, right now is downtime in the animation scene - mainly lots of Christmas parties, always fun. When screenings commence once more in the spring yours truly will be there to give you the news.

I will be taking a new life drawing class and honing my animation skills, so there will be plenty of
art posts.

As for "Alex Pariah," the comic is on hiatus until I work out the script. It may come back in new form, or be replaced by something ENTIRELY DIFFERENT, only time will tell.

And as always, when I hear of contests you will be the first to know.



Saturday, September 30, 2006

Angela Signing Off

Hello dear readers,

this will be the last post you see from me for a while. My lovely borrowed computer must return to its owner, and until I get a new computer (or get the old one fixed - darn you Dell Computers!!) there will be no more updates on Tuesdays.

Never fear though, for your insatiable need for cartoony art will return - hopefully sooner than later.

I bid you adieu (for now).

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Women in Animation

Ah fall.
The leaves begin to turn.
The children go back to school.
And all of the animation organizations return from their summer hiatus to once again inform the masses.

Women in Animation kicked off its first meeting by bringing together two industry greats - Tom Warburton, a.k.a. Mr. Warburton, creator of Code Name: Kids Next Door, and Heather Kenyon, Senior Director of Development of Original Series at Cartoon Network. I had the great pleasure of meeting Tom at David Levy's book signing earlier this year, and he is as funny as I remember. And as a HUGE FAN of Cartoon Network (ahem, "Teen Titans!", "Samurai Jack!") I truly enjoyed meeting Ms. Kenyon. She proved to be absolutely delightful offered a great wealth of wisdom regarding how to pitch a show, how to take criticism and what to put in a pitch bible (fill your pitch bible with cool pictures- don't make it novel size!) and what Cartoon Network looks for (boy's action shows). She also recommended that when creating a show, think of the type of show you wanted to watch at age eight that you never thought people would make, and go from there.

I learned that running your own series is not for the faint of heart. Animation is not a nine to five office job, and those that wish to create a great series ala "KND", "Teen Titans" or "Ben 10" better prepare to put in the hours - i.e. working 7 days a week, being the first to arrive and the last to leave (at 8, not 5). However, the reward is a great product and getting to work with awesome people, and if you don't burn your bridges, those are the same people you can bring aboard your next awesome project. For example, Tom worked with Mo Williams on "Sheep in the Big City," and he later brought Mo to work on "KND". And Rob Renzetti impressed the CN folks so much with his work and personality that he is now part of the CN development team.

When asked how he keeps from imploding, Tom responded that he does get overwhelmed sometimes, but that it is important to keep a level-head on the job, because people are looking up to you, their captain, to steer the ship. Also, he said that there would be times when things are crazy, but you get that extra rush of adreline and that enables you to work 7 days straight and get thing accomplished. Heather also added that proper nutrition, sleep and exercise will keep you sane during the creative process.

Mr. Warburton also recommended that beginning animators work on other people's shows, so that they can make mistakes on those shows, instead of their own, and learn how the entire creation process actually works.

So there you have it folks. Work hard, play hard, learn from those who've come before you and you'll be just fine.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Guy sitting 2

Guy sitting

Guy on bike

Alex plays guitar

© 2006 Angela Entzminger

Jeanne vs. Alex

© 2006 Angela Entzminger

Sketch Blog

So after posting last week I realized that I mainly draw characters standing perfectly straight.

But animation is all about movement. So this week I began to draw characters in various other positions. My good friend returned from Japan with several anime books for me, so I am teaching myself how to draw in that particular style. I am more impressed though with the various poses in the book, three of which are shown here.

And fear not - Alex Pariah will return soon.

An evening with Bruno Bruzzetto

This evening I had the great pleasure of watching celebrated filmmaker Bruno Bruzzetto present one of his feature films, Allegro, for ASIFA-EAST's first event of the fall. The film, inspired by Disney's Fantasia, takes place in an Italian Opera house, where a crazed conductor, a Liberace-like narrator, an abused animator, a young cleaning woman and an orchestra made up of geriatric women converge to create beautiful music and animation. Much like Fantasia, the movie cuts from comedic scenes in the real world to animated sequences set to such classics as Ravel's Bolero and Ivan Stravinsky's Firebird.

It was quite different than what I expected. Fantasia contains better stories, and some of the comedic parts of Allegro did not provide enough oomph. However, while not as whimisical as the Disney version upon which it is based, the animation of Allegro was quite good, particularly the character's expressions. My favorite scene, set to Bolero, chronicled the evolution of various prehistoric creatures who emerged from a primordial sea of (get this) Coca Cola and marching in time to the music. Very original indeed.

The best part though was meeting Mr. Bruzzetto in person. I met him yesterday at a rooftop party in the city, and found him to be most agreeable and kind. He remembered me today, and we discussed some of the technical aspects, such as how clean and clear everything appears on DVD as opposed to film, (keep in mind dear readers, that this film is over 30 years old).

I wish you well Bruno, on your journey to the Ottawa Festival. Hopefully one day we shall meet again!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Alex's English Teacher

This is Alex's English Teacher, Ms. Constance O'Malley.
I based her off of Ms. Woodall, my 11th grade high school English teacher. She was really cool, not only because she was interesting, but because she took the time to listen to students and get to know them as people. Ms. O'Malley helps Alex cope with his new life in a new school.

© 2006 Angela Entzminger


Now Jeanne is an interesting character. She is a combination of a couple people I knew in high school all rolled up into one. She likes to learn but is not a big fan of school and she knows that high school is kind of silly but she gets caught up in the crowd anyway sometimes. I experimented a lot with her, particularly her hair, to figure out how she should look.

I like the drawings in the middle the best.

© 2006 Angela Entzminger


Here's the first drawing I ever did of Kylie. Her outfit was inspired by 8th grade girls I used to see walking around the mall - lots of little kids in frilly skirts and giant chunky sandals. They all looked like they had leapt out of a "Limited Too" catalog.

© 2006 Angela Entzminger


This is a school photo of Susan, Kylie's best friend. In case you're wondering about the color - I use non-photo blue pencils when I'm sketching and then trace over the marks I like with a regular pencil. This works out well because blue pencils are cheap, they don't smudge and the marks don't show up when you make copies at Kinko's.

© 2006 Angela Entzminger

Alex Draft 2

I drew Alex in a style inspired by a show on CN called "Code Name: Kids Next Door."
Notice the oversized shoes and large sleeve openings.

© 2006 Angela Entzminger

Alex Drafts

Here are several incarncations of Alex.

© 2006 Angela Entzminger

Return of the fox

So after waiting on Sunday for my coworker to show up with my new monitor
(which never happened) and after having problems with my roommate's scanner (grr) I became thoroughly frustrated by this whole mess. Why did my laptop die after four short years?

Fortunately, now the scanner/printer is operating again so I can now resume with my weekly blogging. I am currently working on page 4 of "Alex Pariah," but while you wait, enjoy some of the sketches that I crafted in the interim.

As you will see, it takes many drawings to flesh out an idea of what a character should (or should not) look like.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Alas poor software, hardware, etc.

One day the stars will align and all computer errors will be a thing of the past.
But alas, today is not that day.
Due to my roommate's scanner AND Adobe Photoshop program not functioning (i.e. freezing then going dead) no new posts today.
I know, your tears could fill a thousand Tuesdays.
But fear not dear readers! For tomorrow is a better day (and I get a new monitor this weekend and return to MY computer and scanner - yeah!)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Great news for Teenage Robot Fans

In my ongoing quest to find entertaining animation news, I found a blog devoted to
"My Life as a Teenage Robot," created by Rob Renzetti (who also worked on another fave of mine, "Samurai Jack"). This is no ordinary fan blog, as it was created by the masterminds of the show, and contains great photos, art and info.

Read all about it here:

"Alex Pariah" Page 3

Alex Pariah Returns

Hey folks,

the mystery that is Alex Pariah returns this week, after a week hiatus due to my being sick.
Feeling well now and back on track.


Friday, August 18, 2006

Editor's Note

Hey folks,

in my continuing quest to improve the site, I figured out how to make the comic slightly larger so that it is easier to read. Click on the page and you can get a close up shot of the panels.

Page 3 coming Tuesday! Thanks to everyone who signed up for the mailing list!


© 2006 Angela Entzminger

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


© 2006 Angela Entzminger

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Coming August 15th

© 2006 Angela Entzminger

The New Crew

After losing Fennec, Audi needed a new
accomplice in her crew of snobs. Enter Shawna - a girl on the periphery of the group since middle school.
She and Audi get along well enough, and Shawna's goal is to become the popular girl she's never been.
Trouble is, she has a crush on Audi's nemesis...

© 2006 Angela Entzminger

Character Designs

The supporting cast

Presenting the friends and enemies of Alex and his crew, we bring you:

Audi - a smart girl with a big mouth. Audi is tied for most academically gifted with Tabby. Her bad attitude is legendary, as is her desire to be the best at all costs.

Penny - a spoiled brat and Audi's right hand girl. They've been friends since 7th grade. Penny knows everything about everyone and uses her gossiping skills to her advantage. Fortunately, she cares more about shopping than destroying (most) of her classmates' reps.

Fennec - once a member of Audi's posse of snobby girls, this young fox discovered a greater calling: soccer. A member of the JV squad, she dreams of becoming a goalie for the Varsity team. She used to be Audi's best friend until a major blow-up caused her to cut ties with the annoying goose.

© 2006 Angela Entzminger

Saturday, July 29, 2006

This Week's Feature: The Mysterious Cities of Gold!

What is "The Mysterious Cities of Gold?" Only one of the best animated shows ever produced, and the first show I remember watching on television. It came to the states in the early 80s during Nickelodeon's infancy, right before "Spartakus and the Sun beneath the Sea," another awesome show that sadly is only available on DVD in French. (So if you speak French, you're in luck!)

Both shows were co-produced by French and Japanese companies and brought to the states, making them not only the first animated shows I ever remember watching, but also the first anime I ever saw - before I even knew what anime was.

MCoG chronicled the adventures of a young boy named Esteban and his companions, Zia and Tao, as they searched guessed it, the mysterious cities of gold, a.k.a. El Dorado. The show also featured an awesome giant gold condor and quite a bit of Latin American history (none of which I remember but I do recall thinking the whole show was cool).

Thanks to the power of the internet, I now know that I am not the only person besides my father who remembers this program. Turns out their are other children of the 80s lurking out there, one of whom put the the entire theme song online. And after watching the theme, I am still impressed by the work that went into creating this show - because sadly, not every nostalgic memory can stand the test of time (like "The Wuzzles"...shudder).

Watch the opening theme here at:

click on Play Intro 2 and enjoy!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Bringing the Best in Net Toons to You

I've discovered the next best streaming animation site: Toonami Jetstream. As a fan of Cartoon Network, it pains me to not be able to watch my favorite series daily (blast you, expensive cable!)

But now I can and so can you online. Go to
to watch new and old favorites like Samurai Jack, Megas XLR and (if you must) Naruto.


Kingdom Hearts Fan Art

This is Sora, the hero of KH who fights alongside Donald and Goofy. I really like the design of his shoes.

Kingdom Hearts Fan Art

I am a huge fan of Kingdom Hearts, particularly the character designs.
For those who don't know, KH is a video game fusing classic Disney characters and characters from various Final Fantasy games. The Final Fantasy designs are amazing - I really like all of the zippers, belts and huge shoes that the creators added to all of the characters.
The character to the left is Fuu.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tabitha Mowrey

Alex's Friends Continued...

Here is a turnaround of Comet's best friend, Tabitha (Tabby) Mowrey - a 13-year-old math prodigy currently in her sophomore year in high school. Tabby has always been special but she really wants is to be a "normal" girl like the ones she sees in class and on TV. Being an outcast of sorts (in the academic realm at least) enables her to get along well with the guys.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Jhohen Vasquez Fan Art

So I'm a big fan of Jhohen Vasquez, creator of such family-friendly fare as "Squee" and
"Johnny the Homicidal Maniac." Weird guy for sure, but great artist and creator of one of my new favorite shows, "Invader Zim." Alas, had this show debuted on Cartoon Network or MTV, it would have lasted longer than a season in the U.S. Thank goodness for TurboNick.

Here is Zim from the episode "Door to Door."

Sunday, July 09, 2006

This Week's Feature: Storyboards

This week we discuss one of the tools of the trade when creating a live action or animated film: the storyboard. A storyboard, according to Webster's Dictionary, is a series of panels on which a set of sketches is arranged depicting consecutively the important changes of scenes and action in a series of shots. These sketches help the filmmaker and his or her crew figure out what shots work or don't work in the scene, clarify sequences and figure out new and innovative ways to make the scene more interesting. Most importantly, it gives the filmmaker a sense of direction so that they know what and how they should film, thus enabling them to save time and money.

Below are some storyboards I found on the web that show the creative storyboard process at work. The first site is a sequence from the box office smash "Superman Returns" and includes informative commentary by Director Bryan Singer. The second site is a series of boards by Frank Forte from the episode "Public Enemies" from Nickelodeon's hit Nicktoon "Danny Phantom," created by Butch Hartman. The third site features several excellent storyboards from the film "V for Vendetta," based on the comic of the same name by Alan Moore and David Lloyd. The fourth site features boards from the episode "The Beach," drawn by animator and comic artist Scott Shaw for the Fox hit "The Simpsons," created by Matt Groening.

"Superman Returns"

"Danny Phantom"

"V for Vendetta"

"The Simpsons"

If you are interested in learning even more about storyboards, particularly for animation, check out Don Bluth's The Art of Storyboard, available online and in bookstores nationwide.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Introducing Alex Fox

Here is a sneak peak of the characters and wiseguys you will see in August, starting with our protagonist, Alex Fox. Alex is an independent thinker and all around social pariah. After falling from grace with the cool kids, Alex rebels against the high school norm to find his true self.

Alex Fox Expressions

The many faces of Alex Fox.

Comet Skunk Turnarounds

Comet Skunk is Alex's comedic best friend.

Comet Expressions

The many faces of Comet Skunk.

© 2006 Angela Entzminger

Jeff Cat Turnarounds

Jeff Cat is Alex's morose British friend who abhors all things popular and loves indie bands that no one has ever heard of.

© 2006 Angela Entzminger

Monday, July 03, 2006

Wizard Needs Food Badly

Channel Frederator is the greatest website EVER.

I checked it out today (as I do practically every day) and found a terrific music video by the guys at Ghostbot. You've never heard of Ghostbot, but you've seen their work. They are the folks responsible for those flash animation ads for Esurance - you know, the spy woman with the pink hair helping out the hapless dude while fighting evil spies and ninjas.

Their video is definatley worth watching.
Check it out at, episode 36.


Thursday, June 29, 2006

David Levy Book Signing A Rousing Success

Well I've returned from Dave's book signing and I must say that I was thoroughly impressed.
Not only has David written an excellent book - Your Career in Animation: How to Survive and Thrive - but he also had on hand five terrific panelists who discussed in depth their involvement in the field of animation. They were:

Linda Simensky - Senior Director of Children's Programming for PBS
Mr. Warburton - Creator of Cartoon Network's Codename: Kids Next Door
Jackson Publick - Creator of adult swim's The Venture Brothers
Bill Plymption - Independent animator and creator of Guard Dog and The Fan and the Flower
Elanna Allen - Independent animator and creator of Pass the Pinha

They discussed how they got involved in the industry, the art of pitching and creating your own show, and even what to do in your off-time (i.e. between jobs and trying to get your next big break).

The overall theme was this: there is no ONE way to succeed in animation. Everyone must carve their own path. And often, carving that path involves getting to know as many people in the industry as possible, honing your skills and conveying your enthusiasm so that people will want to work with you.

Excellent advice indeed.

Creature Feature

This week features strange and fantastical creatures of my own design.

The Traveler

© 2006 Angela Entzminger

Monster Charlie

Monster Charlie

© 2006 Angela Entzminger

Flying Robot

Flying Robot

© 2006 Angela Entzminger

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Technical Difficulties

Due to technical difficulties involving blogger not allowing me to upload images, no new pictures today. Pictures coming tomorrow.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

American Screenwriters Association 10th Annual Screenplay Competition

Hey folks!

The ASA in conjunction with Gotham Writer's Workshop is once again sponsoring their 10th Annual Screenplay Competition. This contest is way cool in that the winner gets a trip to Hollywood to talk to bigwigs about their project.

The deadline is November 30th, so you have plenty of time to create the next Great American Movie.

What are you waiting for? Go to it!

Disney Fellowship - Complete!

Hey folks!

I officially completed my spec script yesterday for the Disney Writing Fellowship.
Woohoo! Very excited. I will find out in December if I have been accepted into the program.

Also, through the Fellowship I learned about the Writers Guild of America, East, where you can REGISTER your script and thus have legal protection against anyone who tries to steal your work. Script registration costs $22, is instantaneous and lasts for 10 years.

To register your script, go to

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sahira in marker

Copyright © 2006 Angela Entzminger. All rights reserved.


Here is one of the characters from the original "Soul Healer"

Copyright © 2006 Angela Entzminger. All rights reserved.

Anna Jane

Here she is in all her angst-ridden glory.

Copyright © 2006 Angela Entzminger. All rights reserved.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

MoMA celebrates CalArts

The Museum of Modern Art is hosting an exhibit honoring the California Institute of the Arts from May 25th through August 13th, 2006.

CalArts is one of the premier art schools in the country, and many well-known animators, including John Lasseter (Pixar), Craig McCracken (Powerpuff Girls, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends) and Butch Hartman (The Fairly OddParents, Danny Phantom) are among the school's distinguished alumni.

Various short films spanning three decades will be shown during the exhibit's run.

For more details visit

The New York Television Festival

Attention animators!

The New York Television Festival is seeking entries for its animation category in the Independent Pilot Competition for the 2006 festival.

The entry fee is $50, unless you are a student. Students may submit their work for FREE, as long as they provide a photocopy of a valid student id with their submission.

Deadline for submissions is midnight, July 7th, 2006.

For more information and to download an entry form, go to

Good luck!

Cartoonist Alliance Update

Courtesy of Denise Ozker:

Squib -- the Newsletter of the Cartoonist Alliance/Roundtable(a program of New York Chapter of the Graphic Artists Guild)

June 13, 2006No.6.1, Vol.V

Post-MoCCA-fest Extravaganza!!!Annual 'Reel Night' Animation Screening
Monday, June 19, 2006
7:00pm (Set up 6:45pm) at MoCCAMuseum of Comic and Cartoon Art 594 Broadway, Suite 401, NYC Between Houston and Prince St.

Come on in, experience a great, intense confab and screening!
Commercial, avante-guarde, pro and aspiring animators, including:

Gary Swift (From England!)

Marianne Petit

Euralis Weekes

Rebecca Midgahl

Gary Martins


Our pal Rich Gorey from ASIFA will be there to answer questions about their group, too. Break the ice! As always, your work welcome, and please bring a little nosh or drink to share. Beer, cookies, soda wine. It's a great night, be there.VHS and DVD both welcome. (If VHS, PLEASE 'cue-up' at home). Walk-inspossible but will be at the end of the line! And if you aren'tscreening, bring a nosh to contribute to the traditional supply of beerand cookies !Please mention if you are a GAG member, an ASIFA member orother enlightening info.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Animation Block Party

BAM Cinema in Brooklyn July 22 - 24th.
More details coming soon...


Some of you may remember this - Sahira, one of my characters I showcased at Onna Fest last fall. I originally created her for Rising Stars 5, but she never made it that far.
She's happy and cheery (for once) in this picture.

© 2006 Angela Entzminger